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After having separate sites for my Keane FAQ, Keane tabs and Keane ringtones, in March 2004 I decided to add a discography and other sections and house it all in one place - I've continued to develop it since. As far as I know, it was the first Keane fansite ever.
Keaneshaped has been linked from the official Keane site at since April 2004, and the content on this site forms a basis for many other sites - the FAQ in particular has now been translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Korean - cheers guys!

This site came 112st in the 2004 BT Digital Music Awards, 109th in the 2005 awards, and finally broke the top 100 to reach number 96 in the 2006 awards. Thankyou for your votes!

A thousand thanks to Justin Locsei and Pete Croxson for site design inspiration; Drew Aspland, Hannah and Wouter Bouma for site graphics; Madefire and Moving Brands for the early TITLT video; everyone at, and countless other board members and contributors for the input - I couldn't do it without you!

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