A Bad Dream


Illustration by Sanna Annukka. Art direction by Richard Andrews and Gerard Saint at Big Active

A Bad Dream

  1. A Bad Dream
  2. She Sells Sanctuary
  3. A Bad Dream (Luna-C Hardcore mix)
  4. A Bad Dream - Live In Berlin (Video)


  1. A Bad Dream
  2. She Sells Sanctuary

USB memory stick

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Catalogue number1723057 (CD) / 1723058 (Vinyl)
Release date22nd January 2007
Highest chart position23 (1st week: #61; 2nd week: #23; 3rd week: #45; 4th week: #63)
Approximate value£3 (Click to buy the CD from amazon.co.uk, click to buy the CD from amazon.com - part 1, part 2, part 3, click to download from 7Digital)
NotesA 14"x21" poster was included with the vinyl single. The vinyl is numbered.

The CD packaging is a 100% biodegradable and carbon neutral digipak.

The recording of Enjoy The Silence on the USB stick is from the live Yahoo session (there is only one known performance/recording of this song in existance).

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