This Is The Last Time


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This Is The Last Time

  1. This Is The Last Time
  2. Can't Stop Now
  3. Allemande
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Record labelFierce Panda
Catalogue numberNING147CD
Released inUK, USA
Release date13th October 2003
Highest chart positionDid not chart - inelligable due to the weblink
Approximate valueAround £15.
NotesCo-released on Fierce Panda -, and "White Light Records" - the first and only release on the band's own label, as they soon discovered the name was already taken! This track is also available on their "Decade: Ten Years of Fierce Panda" compilation CD, which can be bought through their site.
I'm not sure how many of these were made - 3 very credible sources have given me 3 completely different figures! It's around 4000 though.

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