Is It Any Wonder?


Illustration by Sanna Annukka. Art Direction by Richard Andrews and Gerard Saint at Big Active

Is It Any Wonder?

  1. Is It Any Wonder?
  2. Let It Slide
  3. He Used To Be A Lovely Boy


  1. Is It Any Wonder?
  2. Let It Slide

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Catalogue numberCID934/9857603 (CD) / IS934/9858189 (Vinyl)
Release date29th May 2006 (Austria, Holland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland - 26th May 2006; UK, Belgium, Denmark (download only), Estonia, Ireland, Norway, Spain - 29th May 2006; Finland - 31st May 2006; France, Sweden, Australia - TBA)
Download (track only, no b-sides) - 17th May 2006 (USA), 20th May 2006 (UK)
Highest chart positionUK - #3 (2nd week: #9, 3rd week: #14; 4th week: #19; 5th week: #29; 6th week: #33; 7th week: #39; 8th week: #49; 9th week: #54; 10th week: #48; 11th week: #64; 12th week: #71; 13th week: #61; 14th week: #68; 15th week: #75. Reached #15 download only from week commencing 22nd May!)
Approximate value£3 (Click to buy the CD from, click to buy the 7" from, click to buy the CD from, click to download from 7Digital)
NotesA 14"x21" poster was included with the vinyl single, featuring the CD artwork. The vinyl is numbered.

The UK version is a 100% biodegradable and carbon neutral digipak. In other countries, the was in a standard plastic single case, and there was also a two track version in a cardboard slipcase.

An acoustic version is available from 7Digital

Apparently, the single sold 23,877 copies in its first week of release to chart at number 3.

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