Retrospective EP1


Design by Madefire & Alex Lake

Retrospective EP1

  1. Everybody's Changing - original demo
  2. Everybody's Changing - demo from July 2002
  3. Everybody's Changing - Fierce Panda version
  4. Everybody's Changing - Live version from first Lamacq Live electric session on Radio 1
  5. Fly To Me - demo
  6. Into The Light - demo
  7. Video chat of Tim interviewed by Tom about Everybody's Changing


Release date4th December 2008
Released inWorldwide
Highest chart positionNot chart eligable
NotesA download only EP.

We're very pleased to announce the launch of a special new run of digital retrospective EPs, which will only be available via the shop. The idea is that these EPs will bring together some of the rarest Keane tracks, giving the band's most loyal fans (ie you lot) the chance to own them.

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