Wolf At The Door


Design: Joe McAllister

Wolf At The Door

  1. Wolf At The Door
  2. Call Me What You Like
  3. She Has No Time

Record labelZoomorphic
Catalogue numberZOO/2/01
Released inUK only
Release date1st June 2001
Highest chart positionDid not chart
Approximate value This is without a doubt the most expensive Keane item ever made. Only a few have been on general sale on ebay before, and they've gone for £738, £750, £729 and £1001. Really.
Notes Only 50 of these were made. From what I can work out, "Wolf At The Door" was basically a promo - production of these was limited as each one had to be made by hand - with CDRs. If you pull the covers the right way, the front and back outer slips line up to say "keane". Click here for a picture of this.
The version of Call Me What You Like is different to that on the Call Me What You Like single (which is much slower); and She Has No Time is a different recording to that found on the Hopes and Fears album.

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