The Walnut Tree

Tom Chaplin (Keane) reading the fanzine

What is it?

Back in July 2004, the members of the messageboard decided to produce a fanzine, with the intention of selling it at gigs during the October/November UK tour. The Walnut Tree was born. Sadly it was never printed; but it's now available for download.

What's in it?

Questionnaires and self-portraits from the band, fan reviews of gigs from around the world, an interview with the band's manager, and a wonderful interview with Tim's mum - and much much more!

Is this out of date?

The fanzine was put together in October 2004... and has not been touched since! In a way, it's become a sort of 'time vault' - it's pretty interesting we think.

Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane) admiring the fanzine

What does it cost?

We offer the fanzine as a freely available download from this site. However, we ask for a small donation to charity (All proceeds donated to St. Michael's Hospice in Battle). We ask for:

You can donate at

How can I view it?

With the free piece of software, Adobe Acrobat Reader. If it's not already installed on your computer, you can download it from The actual fanzine file is around 3Mb.

Can I print it?

Certainly, please do! However, if any friends want a copy, please direct them to this site to get theirs by paying towards the charity.

Richard Hughes (Keane) reading the fanzine

Download the fanzine!

The print version has 2 sides to each page and has been collated to print and fold easily. The final print out should have the title page on the front, Tim endorsing glowbands on the back, and a cartoon in the centre pages. To achieve this on my printer, I unticked "Auto-Rotate and Centre" and ticked "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size", although other printers may vary.


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