Tab - short for: "Tablature: Music. A system of notation using letters, symbols, or other visual cues instead of standard notation to indicate how a musical piece is to be played. For example, guitar or banjo tablature typically consists of a diagram of the strings with finger positions indicated by numerals corresponding to the appropriate frets." -

My free tabs

These tabs are in no way official, and they are purely my representation of the songs. I make no claims that these tabs are correct - please send any suggestions you may have.
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/ means play the same chord as previously, unless it comes between two chords with no space
e.g. G/B from Can't Stop Now, which means G with a B in the bass (first inversion)
Notes are denoted by lower case, as opposed to chords which are in upper case. The note Bb
is an exception.

Best viewed in a monospaced font (such as this one) e.g. Courier New.

Perfect Symmetry

Retrospective EPs   Spiralling   Perfect Symmetry   The Lovers Are Losing   Perfect Symmetry (single)  

Under The Iron Sea

A Bad Dream   The Night Sky  

Under The Iron Sea

Atlantic   Is It Any Wonder?   Under The Iron Sea   Crystal Ball   Nothing In My Way

Hopes And Fears

Somewhere Only We Know   Everybody's Changing   Hopes and Fears   Bedshaped   This Is The Last Time  

Fierce Panda

Fierce Panda - Everybody's Changing   Fierce Panda - This Is The Last Time


Zoomorphic - Call Me What You Like   Zoomorphic - Wolf At The Door
For more information about these songs, please see the Discography section.

Fan-made sheet music

'Mo Rice-Oxley' has done an amazing job at notating sheet music for some of the Hopes and Fears b-sides. Inside the ZIP files are JPGs, and MIDI files.

Philip from Germany has also sent in some fantastic notated sheet music, for some of Keane's rare tracks. I haven't checked them, but you won't go far wrong. Inside the ZIP files are GIFs or JPGs.

Thanks to Alexander "GaT" for this piano music! Inside the ZIP files are TIFF files.

Fan-made drum tabs

Kieran has also tabbed some album tracks for drums. I haven't managed to check them all, but they look pretty good - thanks Kieran!

Derek has tabbed Nothing In My Way - thanks!
There's also a few PDF scores on

Tab books

A number of official books have been published...


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